From The Field To The Office, Grand View’s New Asst. Athletic Director, Britt Erps

Britt Erps, assistant athletic director, switched positions from being on the field working one on one with the soccer team to helping organize all the athletic teams at Grand View.

With the love of soccer, but an even bigger love for all athletics here at the university, former assistant women’s soccer coach, Britt Erps made the executive decision to become Grand View’s new assistant athletic director.

Erps joined the women’s soccer coaching staff in 2013. She also played soccer at Grand View and was the team captain in 2009.

After graduating from Grand View with her bachelor’s degree in sports management, Erps went on to get her master’s degree in sport management from Illinois State University. She then was a graduate assistant in the athletic department and was assistant coach for Illinois Wesleyan women’s soccer team.

She returned to Grand View in 2013 to be their new assistant coach for women’s soccer.

After Erps finished her education, she became a part time assistant to the athletic director. After a while she finally went full time and has fit the job perfectly ever since.

“Not only is she completely engaged and works really hard, she does it all in a positive attitude and wants the best for everybody, for every sport, for every athlete at this institution.” said athletic director Troy Plummer.

Palmer said it’s rewarding to see someone who worked here as a student athlete and has gone on, but then came back to have an impact on students.

Erps has not only helped with all coaches and student athletes, but she makes sure to still keep in touch with the girls soccer team.

Erps mentioned how important the team is to her. She said she wanted to make sure the new assistant coach would be good. Otherwise, she would not feel comfortable handing the team off.

“I make sure when I see the girls that I say hi to them and see how they’re doing. They’re still an important part of who I am because they’ve helped me grow so much in the two and a half years that I was coaching,” said Erps.

Although the job position as assistant athletic director has helped Erps grow throughout the past couple of years, she has intentions of soon becoming an official athletic director one day.

Not only does Erps stay in touch with coaches and student athletes but as a part of her job, it is her responsibility to stay in touch with local businesses and organizations as well.

“With this new job I’ve been taking on some sponsorship fundraising, I’m now meeting with different businesses trying to find a good partnership for Grand View athletics,” Erps mentioned.

Erps has made a tremendous impact on Grand View as a student athlete to now an outstanding assistant. She’s helped so many coaches here at the University and will continue to do so for the years to come.

Britt Erps, assistant athletic director, checks team schedules and gets ready for upcoming events.

Britt Erps, assistant athletic director, checks team schedules and gets ready for upcoming events.

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