Super Fan – Chris Evans

“Here we go Vikings, here we go! *Clap*Clap* Here we go Vikings, here we go!”

From the football field to the volleyball court, Chris Evans can fire up any crowd. Grand View University (GV) is in the midst of its athletic season with 11 different sports teams competing this fall. “The Super Fan,” Chris Evans, provides a lot of heart in the fanbase of the Heart of America Conference, the NAIA athletic conference that GV belongs to. Evans can be seen, and especially heard, at nearly every home sports competition, which has earned him the nickname “Super Fan.”

“I really don’t know who coined the term ‘Super Fan’ because it’s just been a long time,” Evans said.

During his sophomore year, Evans was recognized by the women’s basketball coach at halftime and then again during a spring cheer and dance show by the head cheer and dance coach, Stacie Horton, for his energy and enthusiasm.

Photos by Bailey Starner

“He’s so happy to be there,” Horton said. “He loves Grand View so much that it just spreads.”

“He’s always there before … and after every cheer and dance practice high-fiving everybody and encouraging everybody,” Horton said. “He’s as much part of the team as the girls and guy cheerleaders actually are.”

His uplifting presence is not limited to just the cheer and dance teams.

“Chris brings a lot of energy in the crowd and really lightens up the atmosphere,” said Gabby Reyerson, a women’s basketball player. “Honestly, I don’t think anyone could replace Chris.”

Along with being the “Super Fan,” Evans is also involved in GV’s choir and band. Evans plays trumpet and plans to teach private lessons in the future. He will graduate this spring with a degree in music.

However, there is a question for the future that may weigh heavily on some peoples’ minds: what will happen when the “Super Fan” graduates? It seems impossible to imagine a game day without the enthusiasm and school pride provided by Chris Evans.

As it turns out, Evans has been searching for someone to fill in his spot as the “Super Fan.” Evans has been training Dominique Berry to take over the coveted role. But how does one prepare for such an important job?

“I’m just teaching him the basics right now,” Evans said.

The basics, he said, include: being a support for the team; getting along with athletes, parents and their friends; and learning the cheers. Evans said his personal favorite, and perhaps his most memorable cheer, is the “Here We Go Vikings” cheer.

“You just have to stand out of the crowd at the game and just show your best spirit,” Evans said.

Although the requirements shared by Evans aren’t too complicated, showing your spirit is much easier said than done.

The future of the Super Fan looks bright, but students may want to appreciate the Super Fan before graduation rolls around. Whether it’s singing the national anthem or running back and forth leading “the wave,” Super Fan Chris Evans is irreplaceable. Will graduation prove to be kryptonite for Grand View’s Super Fan? Or will the Super Fan return?

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