Odd Couples: Weird Double Majors at GV


While growing up, some people are taught that they can have any career they want. Many students arrive at Grand View and find new interests. With over 40 different majors that GV offers, the possibilities are numerous, and some students have found ways to combine them in service to their own interests.

Lexi Morrow

Lexi Morrow is a sixth-year college student. She received a liberal arts degree from DMACC and is currently in her fourth year here at GV. Morrow is a secondary education major with a math endorsement, as well as a theater major. She first came to GV as an art major, but after realizing the homework wasn’t enjoyable for her, she switched her major to education. Morrow said that she has always had a love for teaching and math, which is why she decided to become a math teacher.

Morrow has been involved in theater most of her life and wanted to continue this passion. Originally, Morrow was going to attend Savannah College of Art and Design to study production design. Instead, she has added on a theater major, the closest equivalent here at GV.

Having two very different majors comes with many obstacles. One of the biggest issues Morrow has is advising. She said oftentimes she has to meet with several different advisors in order to figure out her schedule. Trying to fit in all her classes so that she can graduate on time is another obstacle.

On average, Morrow takes 19 to 20 credit hours each semester. However, this semester she is taking 25, including four math classes. She said she spends the majority of her free time doing homework.

Morrow said that, typically, people are not surprised by her theater or secondary education major. But many are surprised when they learn about the math endorsement. She said people often look at her like she is crazy.

Her goal is to combine her passions in a way that might get her a job as a middle or high school math teacher and theater director.

Photo by Gabrielle Gerke

Andi Bagley

Andi Bagley is a fifth-year student at GV majoring in human services and studio arts. Bagley was originally planning to be an art teacher. However, during her junior year as an education major, she realized she did not want to teach, though she enjoyed helping people. She decided to switch from education to human services. Since Bagley had already taken the majority of the classes to obtain a studio arts degree, she decided to finish that major as well.

Bagley said she does encounter a few challenges as a result of her double majors. One of these issues involves her friend groups. She has made many friends between the psychology department and the art department and has to make time for both. In addition to socializing, she said she gets big projects from art classes that can take hours to complete and also has papers due for other classes around the same time.

Luckily, Bagley said her remaining classes plan out nicely. Currently, she is at 15 credit hours, and next semester she will be at 18.

Bagley said people typically ask, “what is studio arts?” when they hear of her majors.  She also said she is not exactly set on a certain career goal.

“Art can go anywhere,” Bagley said. “Art is really easy to incorporate when dealing with a child. The major isn’t going to go unnoticed, I’m just not going to use it as often.”

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