Timesuck: Does it Suck?

Every Monday afternoon, Dan Cummins, the first comedian to ever be spotlighted by Pandora and the writer of the graphic novel “Daddy Bear: Three Rabbits Meet the Real World;” releases a new episode of his podcast where he talks about a topic that has held his interests, for a while. For this review I listened to three podcasts from Timesuckpodcast.com, “Teddy MF’N Roosevelt,” “Jeffrey Dahmer: The cannibal of Milwaukee,” and “Vlad Dracula.” Here’s some insight into how Timesuck sucked my time.

The first podcast I listened to was “Teddy MF’N Roosevelt.” This was a really funny and informative podcast. It was heavy on the facts with some humor on the side. Cummins had some impersonations that made me laugh. He discussed facts that I never knew about our 26th president. What really surprised me was learning that Roosevelt kept dead animals in his dorm room because he was so fascinated with them. He also gave dead birds to the Smithsonian Museum. At the end of the podcast, Cummins looked online to see what people had to say about Teddy Roosevelt. When some commenters would compared Roosevelt to Hitler, Cummins ultimately shut them down.

I then listened to “Jeffrey Dahmer: The Cannibal of Milwaukee.” Cummins gets into the timeline of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life and makes fun of the things Dahmer would do with the dead bodies. Dahmer is one of the most famous serial killers in United States history. He would lure his victims to his home, where he would then cut them up and eat them. Cummins also talked about what made Dahmer different from other serial killers. I couldn’t stop listening as it was just completely mortifying hearing about how insane he actually was. An interesting thing I learned about Dahmer during this podcast was that he had to do more to his victims in order to get satisfied. I just don’t understand how Dahmer could talk about the things he did as if they were, “normal” such as having a skull collection of people he killed.

The third and final podcast I listened to for this review was “Vlad Dracula!” In this episode, Cummins discussed the legend of Dracula. In an entertaining way he goes into great detail about how the story of Dracula has evolved to different versions told by different people. Mixing interesting facts and comedy together made me want to keep listening. I didn’t realize the story of Dracula was based on a real man referred to as “The Impaler,” who would put a wooden stake through people. Hearing this just made me want to cringe.

In my opinion, the Timesuck podcast as a whole was really cool because of all the interesting facts I learned. I never really considered myself a podcast person, but I really enjoyed listening to Timesuck. The way Cummins changes his voice keeps the listener attentive and interested throughout the entire show. The funny ideas this guy comes up with are just unbelievable. I imagine I will listen to Timesuck again sometime soon.

I would definitely recommend Timesuck as a way to learn about history and have a good laugh. I definitely learned quite a bit from listening to these podcasts. I may even consider myself a fellow timesucker.

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