Here comes Christmas: Des Moines Holiday Boutique

“All I want for Christmas is you!” is what nearly every department store in America is singing this time of year. It’s obvious isn’t it? They really do want you! Stores have officially made the magical transformation from spooky Halloween props to peaceful holiday season décor seemingly overnight. Classic Christmas tunes are heard bellowing in the aisles of every department store, spiraling many shoppers into the jolly holiday season mood. Although your heart may be filled with good tidings and great joy, perhaps your wallet is not. To help get into the holiday mood, the Holiday Boutique made its Des Moines debut this season.

The Holiday Boutique was new to Des Moines this year and took place at the Iowa Events Center November 3-5 and featured tons of different products from hummingbird feeders to the latest winter fashions. Vendors came from all over the midwest to showcase their products and give the Des Moines marketplace a shot.

Imagine stepping into a giant hall decorated from floor to ceiling with tinsel, ornaments and lights with shoppers bustling around, eager to find everything on their families’ Christmas lists. Many people are browsing, not sure where to start because there is an entire second floor that looks almost the same except for an even higher ceiling.

Kelli Fangmann is a vendor from Ohio who is selling in Des Moines for the first time.

“A lot of the holiday shopping events and expos do really well because people come to shop. They don’t come for anything other than that. They’re looking for Christmas presents,” Fangmann said.

Another vendor, Nanette Pickens, said, “It’s a fun show. It brings in the holiday spirit. It brings in people ready to shop for Christmas. It’s a good venue for us.”

Not only is the Des Moines Holiday Boutique new for vendors, shoppers have never experienced something quite like this in Des Moines. There were obviously many shoppers at the Iowa Events Center, but some people came just to see what the Holiday Boutique was all about.

Jennifer, a shopper at the Holiday Boutique, said, “I haven’t really bought anything, but you know…ideas.” When asked where else she would do her shopping, Jennifer promptly said, “Amazon.”

With the ease of online shopping in today’s world, many people are opting to order gifts online rather than buy in person. Many shopping websites even offer gift packaging and delivery so customers don’t have to do anything but enter their payment information and click the “submit order” button.

If you didn’t make it to this year’s Holiday Boutique, fret not. The Holiday Boutique will return to Des Moines next year, November 2-4, 2018. But before you worry about next year, be sure to check your list, and check it twice, to make sure you have everything you need for your loved ones this year.

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