Grand View Cuts Funding for Campus Radio Station

Letter from the editor, Jake Quirk:
The following story contains a first person account from communications student Brandon Albaugh, who is one of the students responsible for covering this story. Brandon made these observations on the day he was made aware of the situation.  At Viewfinder, we strive to remain unbiased and nine out of ten times we are not involved with our stories. However, these decisions personally impact us as communication students. We disclose this information to you in the name of transparency but also want to reiterate that as student-journalists, our goal is to remain as unbiased as possible.  

“Funding for KDPS, has been cut effective immediately,” Professor Stephen Winzenburg stated to my class as he walks into the room.  

The collective response was pure confusion and storm of questions thrown Professor Winzenburgs way.   

Conversation proceeded to break out about the subject matter, students began trying to rationalize the thought of no longer having the educational tool that was fueling their journeys to their future careers.  

Dr. Carl Moses, the Provost for Grand View had the final say to pull the plug on the radio stations. Funding was the main motivation to cut the station, the station cost the university roughly 18,000 dollars a year.  

KDPS has been a part of Grand View for many years and due to budget cuts it will not be renewed after January 1st of this upcoming year.  Fundraising efforts have been started to keep the station alive for as long as possible.  

Underwriters and the idea of possibly selling radio slots to outside sources have been brought up by Stephen Winzenburg who has been spearheading the fundraising operations for the station.

Supporters of the idea to cut funding for the station believe that the station should be self-funding and should be responsible for finding additional funds to get the station up and running.  

Here is the link to help fund the radio station: 

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  1. Sad to see teachers having to beg for money. The radio station was one of the best things on campus. Meanwhile Grandview wastes money on a gun sport or areas that have few students. The priorities of the school are out of whack. Hilarious that the guy in charge thinks students and teachers should just be used as free labor to raise money to keep programs going, but athletics continues to get funded.

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