Glory Days: Austin Flynn

Grand View's Offensive Coordinator shares his experience at Iowa State as an athlete

Have you ever wondered what your teacher or coaches’ history is? Were they athletic or were they in the school play?

Once an All-American receiver at Iowa State, Austin Flynn took his football mind to Grand View to coach. Grand View’s football team has been dominant in the college football landscape for years after winning the national championship in 2013. Flynn was the offensive coordinator for that championship team, but football has been in his blood since his playing days as a kid in Texas.  

Comparing his college football experience to that of Grand View players, Flynn said his time at Iowa State was more demanding. At ISU he was more an athlete than a student. Flynn even signed the occasional autograph for a few students.  

Classes at ISU compared to here at Grand View were very different. Everything was taught as a seminar. Flynn said he would have to write notes as fast as possible, take three or four tests throughout the semester and then he was done with the class. Classes weren’t as personable as compared to here at Grand View between students and professors, but things got more personable with the professors as you got closer to graduation at Iowa State.  

We sat down with Coach Flynn to get his insight on his glory days at Iowa State.

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